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How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death On Nintendo Switch Lite: 6 Easy Fixes

The Blue Screen of Death on a Nintendo Switch Lite is a scary experience for any gamer. Your beloved console can turn into a glorified paperweight in the blink of an eye. This can be confusing and frustrating. What gives?

The Nintendo Switch Blue Screen of Death is caused by the CPU’s internal damage or unnecessary system files. To fix this, you can reboot, hard reset, update the system, dock or undock, and restore its default factory settings. If the issue remains unresolved, you can contact Nintendo Switch Support.

Don’t panic just yet if your console screen is entirely blue. Sometimes a simple restart or reset can fix the issue. Thankfully, we’ve compiled six easy fixes to get your Nintendo Switch working again.

Quick Fix For Nintendo Switch Blue Screen

Before we get into all the gritty details, here are the 5 most common reasons a blue screen occurs on a Nintendo switch, and how we recommend fixing them. This table is designed for you to be able to skim, make a reasonable guess at the cause of your blue screen based on what you were doing at the time, and then implement the quick fix to the right.

Fingers crossed this is all you need, but if you still can’t fix the screen, keep reading for a more detailed dissection of the problem.

Blue Screen CauseSolution
Faulty Game CardRemove the game card and reinsert it to see if that resolves the issue. Power cycle the unit.
Storage Is FullIf your storage is full, note that it can become so full that the unit can’t even power u properly, leading to repeated blue screens. If this happens, you can turn the console on in “maintenance mode” to clean it up and clear the blue screen issue.
OverheatingEnsure the console is not in direct sunlight or near a heat source, consider using a cooling fan or stand to keep the console cool.
Low BatteryEnsure the console has some time to charged, at least a half hour plugged in, then try restarting the console by holding down the power button for 12 seconds.
A one-off GlitchSometimes, the starts align and things just kind of sploot out from under the operating system. Happens to the best of us. If you have no clue why the screen turned blue, hold the power button down and try to force a restart.
Nintendo Switch Blue Screen Quick-Fix Table

What Does It Mean When Your Nintendo Switch Lite Screen Turns Blue?

The Nintendo Switch Lite (on Amazon) Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) can be a frightening and confusing experience, as you worry if your console is damaged for good and wonder what caused it. Here are a few reasons your Nintendo Switch Lite screen can turn blue.

Internal Damage

Internal damage to the Nintendo Switch can cause a BSOD. The Nintendo Switch lacks an internal corner bond, making the console fragile. What’s a corner bond, you ask?

The corner bond is a component that stops the internal CPU from becoming detached. This means if you drop the Nintendo Switch, the CPU can lose its fitting, and the console can begin to malfunction.

Faulty Third-Party Accessories

The Nintendo Switch usually works quite well with peripherals and docks (on Amazon). In rare cases, faulty third-party accessories can cause the Nintendo Switch to show a blue screen. These devices are usually third-party docks and chargers (on Amazon).

Unnecessary Files

Unnecessary files and too few files can also cause the Nintendo Switch to enter the blue screen of death. These issues are one of the primary causes of BSOD and are usually fixed by hard resetting the Nintendo Switch. Below we’ll talk about how to fix that in “maintenance mode.”

How Do You Fix a Blue Screen on a Nintendo Switch Lite?

Male Child Playing Nintendo Switch

Don’t panic if you’re experiencing the blue screen of death on your Nintendo Switch Lite. There are multiple solutions available for resolving these issues. Follow the steps below to start troubleshooting your console.

Restart Your Console

Restarting your console is the first step to fixing the blue screen of death. Minor issues can typically be resolved by forcefully shutting the Nintendo Switch down.

If your Nintendo Switch is stuck on a blue screen, hold the Power Button down for 12 seconds. The console should turn off. Once it’s fully shut down, press the power button again to reboot.

Use Maintenance Mode to Clear Files

You can address the storage issue by forcing the console to load into maintenance mode. This is what you’ll need if you have a really bad storage issue, and your console can’t even fire up properly because of it. Maintenance mode will allow you to go in and clear some of those game files without corrupting save-game data.

To enter Maintenance Mode, make sure your Nintendo Switch is powered off. Then, press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons, and continue to hold them while pressing the power button to power on the unit. Keep pressing until you see the Maintenance Mode Menu appear.

Once you’re in Maintenance Mode, select the “Initialize Console Without Deleting Save Data” option. This will allow you to reset your console without losing any of your saved games…don’t risk the hundreds of hours on Animal Crossing…take your time on this step!

Once your in, you can manage some downloaded game files to free up space and buy yourself time to turn the console on and figure out a better long-term solution.

Hard-Reset the Nintendo Switch

Hard resetting your Nintendo Switch can alleviate a blue screen of death. Keep in mind that this solution will delete all data except save data, screenshots, videos, and your information. Follow the steps below to begin.

  1. Forcefully shut down your Nintendo Switch following the steps above.
  2. Afterward, hold down both Volume up (+) and Volume Down (-). Press the power button to turn the Switch on.
  3. Keep holding down both Volume up and Volume Down to boot your Nintendo Switch in recovery mode.
  4. From the recovery mode screen, select “Factory Setting Without Deleting Save Data.”

This process takes time but should help resolve any issues. Your save data, screenshots, and videos will remain intact, leaving you no worries.

Update Your Switch

Software issues and outdated updates can sometimes cause blue screens of death. Ensure your Nintendo Switch is up-to-date and using the latest patch. Doing so ensures there aren’t any bugs or glitches. Here’s how to update your Nintendo Switch:

  1. From the Home menu, select System Settings
  2. The System Settings menu should appear.
  3. Scroll down on the left-hand menu and select System.
  4. On the right-hand side, select System Update.
  5. Now, your Nintendo Switch should start updating if there’s an available patch. Follow any prompts necessary.

Undock or Dock Your Console

If you’re experiencing a blue screen of death, you can try docking or undocking the console. Dock your device If you’re using the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.

If you’re connected to the TV, try undocking the console. This will interrupt most of what’s going behind the scenes, giving your Switch a chance to readjust and return to normal.

Restore Factory Settings

This solution is your last resort. Restoring your Nintendo Switch to factory settings will cause you to lose all save data, screenshots, videos, and information. Here are the steps to factory reset your console.

  1. Forcefully shut down your Nintendo Switch following the steps above.
  2. Afterward, hold down both Volume up (+) and Volume Down (-). Press the power button to turn the Switch on.
  3. Keep holding down both Volume up and Volume Down to boot your Nintendo Switch in recovery mode.
  4. From the recovery mode screen, select “Restore Factory Settings.”

Remember, this will delete all your stored information and saved data. Restoring your Nintendo Switch to factory settings should be a last resort.

Contact Nintendo Switch Support

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch BSOD is caused by internal damage. When the Switch is dropped on the ground, the CPU can become detached, causing malfunctions in the process.

If the solutions above haven’t resolved your issue, it is best to send your console to Nintendo Switch support. You can contact Nintendo Switch support here.

Remember that sending your console for repairs may cause you to lose saved data, screenshots, or other information. Be sure to remove any game cards or microSD cards before sending your Nintendo Switch.

Watch Out For Other Switch Screen Issues

While this guide focuses on a blue screen on the Nintendo Switch Lite, we also have a guide for blue screens on the classic Nintendo Switch.

In fact, all the screen issues we have guides for on the Nintendo Switch are errors that can happen on the Switch Lite too, so, be sure to check out our other resources if you run into lines on the screen, problems with flickering or screen-stretching when docked, or other total failures like a black, white, or orange screen.

Hopefully you don’t need these guides, but if you do, we have them ready!