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How To Fix The Nintendo Switch White Screen Issue

Nintendo Switch offers an incredible roster of games and features that make it one of the best gaming consoles available today. But as is the case with any console, your Switch might occasionally develop a technical glitch that ruins the fun. A white screen is one such glitch.

A white screen on a Nintendo Switch may be the result of software bugs, hardware issues, or internet connection issues. To fix this problem, first try restarting it, and when it’s back on update the Switch software. If the problem continues, uninstall and re-install the affected game.

The white screen problem on Nintendo Switch can develop during gameplay or while setting up or logging into your account. The problem also tends to appear while playing specific games such as Fortnite Chapter 3. The good news is that this isn’t a fatal internal problem, and, with a few fixes, you can resolve the issue and continue playing. Let’s look at ways to fix your Switch console’s white screen. 

What Happens When the Nintendo Switch Screen Goes White?

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When the Nintendo Switch screen goes white, you won’t be able to continue playing. That’s because the screen prevents you from logging into your account. To be clear, this is a glitch, and it’s typically associated with the popular game Fortnight. Without logging into your account, you can’t use online services on Nintendo Switch systems or play the game you’re trying to play

The screen might also go blank when you try to set up a new account. There might be a pinging sound to show the system is still on, though you can’t do much with the inactive screen. 

If you wish to access the Nintendo Switch eShop to purchase a game, the white screen limits access. And if you’ve been using your Switch account recently, visiting the Nintendo website won’t resolve the log-in issue. The only solution is to fix the white screen issue from the console to access your account. 

A white screen on your Nintendo Switch also affects gameplay. You can’t use the controllers for any commands if the screen is inactive. This is one of the most frustrating situations that can occur while gaming on a Switch console.

A Nintendo Switch screen can go white while you play a specific game. If you’re a fan of Fortnite, you might have experienced a white screen when trying to play Chapter 3. With so much promise of thrill on the new island, the white screen on Fortnite has to be one of the most annoying Switch console issues out there. 

You might experience other reactions when your Nintendo Switch screen goes white. For example, the buttons might not work, but the loading noise in the machine shows that it’s still on.

How Can You Fix a White Screen on a Nintendo Switch?

If you have a white screen on your Switch console, you’ll probably have trouble accessing any games or making purchases on the Nintendo eShop. Here are some possible ways to fix the problem:

  • Reset the Switch console: Turn the machine off and then turn it back on and check if the white screen has disappeared.
  • Check the internet connection: Problems on your internet network can cause technical glitches such as stuck/white screen and lagging. Try a wired connection or use a different wireless connection.

    If other devices on your wireless network are working fine and your Switch console isn’t, talk to your ISP provider. 
  • Temporarily activate airplane mode: Activating airplane mode turns off all wireless communication, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, and it can fix any problems with the connections. Deactivate after about 10 seconds.
  • Reset cache: Clearing cache deletes saved history, IDs, passwords, and cookies for all users on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Change the DNS settings: Try entering DNS settings manually, and if this doesn’t work, revert to automatic and check for any changes on the screen. 
  • Check for system updates: After restarting your console, check for system updates and install them. 
  • Reset” the AC adapter: If the Switch console won’t wake up from sleep mode or has a white screen, unplug the adapter from both ends, reset your console, and plug the adapter in once again. 

How to Fix a Nintendo Switch White Screen in Fortnite

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The latest Fortnite offering delivers even more exhilarating opportunities for fun on a new island. Unfortunately, a white screen on your Nintendo Switch might ruin the whole experience. While the gaming company says the issue has been resolved, many players still experience the white screen on Fortnite.

One probable cause of the white screen on Fortnite Chapter 3 is the fluctuation in player numbers. Players come back in droves whenever there are new events or special items available in the game. The fluctuation might lead to server overload, which causes technical glitches such as the white screen. 

To fix the white screen on Fortnite, here are a few fixes to try:

  • Restart the game: The easiest trick to get rid of the white screen on Fortnite is to restart the game. After you relaunch the game, you should get into the lobby easily to continue having fun. 
  • Install the latest patches: After acknowledging the white screen problem on social media, Epic Games claimed to have sorted the issue in late 2021. By installing the latest updates, you can eliminate any bugs that were causing the white screen glitch.

    You can check the company’s Twitter account dedicated to future patches for the game. Confirm also that you have all the relevant drivers and fixes installed.
  • Reinstall Fortnite: If you restart the game and try available updates without any success, delete the game from your console and reinstall it. The process takes time because this is a large game but it should fix any bugs that might have been in the original files. 

Contact Nintendo Switch Customer Support 

If all of the above fixes don’t solve the white screen bug on your Nintendo Switch console, talk to Nintendo’s customer support. The company’s support department should be able to guide you toward a proper solution.

Visit the company’s website for information on how to contact the Nintendo Switch support team.

And if you want to try more troubleshooting, or maybe you’ve run into another Nintendo Switch screen issue, be sure to check out our related guides on handling a black screen on the Switch, how to fix lines on the Switch screen, and how to respond to an orange or blue screen (even on the Switch Lite). If your Switch acts normally, but the screen flickers when docked or the image on your TV is stretched out, we have guides on those too!