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Why Does the Nintendo Switch Have Lines on the Screen & How to Fix It

A Nintendo Switch Lite offers portability and excellent battery life to enjoy gaming on the go. However, like with any gaming console, the Switch Lite might suffer some glitches. Among the most annoying issues on this console are lines on the screen. Some lines appear on powering up the Switch Lite but fade away quickly, while others remain during gameplay.

A Nintendo Switch Lite will have lines on the screen in case of physical impact, water damage, or a software glitch. Unfortunately, the screen problem ruins your gaming experience. Some fixes include reseating the LCD connectors, resetting the console, and professional screen repair. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite has an LCD screen that features multiple sensitive components. If any of these components fail, you get horizontal/vertical lines on the screen. Now let’s find out more about why a Nintendo Switch Lite displays lines on the screen and some effective solutions to the problem. 

Why Does Nintendo Switch Screen Have Lines?

The screen on a Nintendo Switch Lite is essential for the gaming experience. Most Nintendo games offer an immersive experience, and you need a functional screen at all times to enjoy them fully.

On turning on the gaming console, some lines might develop, but these quickly disappear. If you continue seeing black or colored vertical or horizontal lines on the Switch Lite screen, this is a sign of a damaged screen. 

Causes for these Lines

The leading cause of lines on a Switch Lite screen is physical damage after impact.

While the small and lightweight gaming device is ideal for playing on the go in handheld mode, this also makes the machine prone to physical damage if dropped.

Dropping the Switch Lite or a direct hit to the console can crack the screen or cause internal damage to these sensitive components. The physical screen damage after impact might be visible, but in most cases, you’ll discover it through a malfunctioning screen. 

A heavy fall damages sensitive parts that make up the LCD screen, including the liquid crystals, LCD flex cable, connectors, backlight, polarized glass, filter, electrodes, and other components.

You might notice problems such as flickering, lines on the screen, discoloration, or a black screen with sound. 

Water damage is another threat to a Switch Lite screen. If the gaming console falls into water or gets into contact with water, there’s a high risk of damage to the screen.

You’ll experience problems such as blurred images, a frozen screen, or vertical/horizontal lines. Software glitches may also affect the functioning of the screen. 

How to Fix Lines on Nintendo Switch Screen

Some solutions for the lines on a Switch Lite include:

  1. Hard resetting: Press on the power button for about 12-15 seconds. Wait for a few seconds, and then power up the console. After that, check if the lines on the screen are still there.
  1. Reseating the LCD cable: If you’ve tampered with the internal components recently, check whether the LCD flex cable or connector is in place. Reseating the LCD connectors can solve the problem, but you need the right tools and skills to troubleshoot this problem.
  1. Replacing the Nintendo Switch Lite screen: This is the last resort if you’ve tried all other fixes for the lines on the Switch Lite screen. You can replace a damaged/faulty LCD panel or the panel plus the digitizer. If you don’t have the technical skills, get a professional to handle the task to avoid further damage to your Switch Lite.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Switch Screen?  

Nintendo Switch screen repair costs about $99. The screen repair permanently removes the lines on the console’s screen. The process is complex and requires expert skills and tools.

The package includes replacement parts and labor offered by a professional technician. You also get a lifetime guarantee for the service and parts. 

The repair process restores your gaming fun, and you enjoy peace of mind knowing the issue won’t recur. After diagnostics, the technician will inform you of the problem and start the repairs.

And the best technicians also notify you before buying new parts and procure the same for the repairs.

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