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Can A PS5 Disc Go Into A PS4?

With the release of PlayStation 5, it might be tempting to try all the new games on your PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do so. Unlike PlayStation 5, which can easily read and play the previous console’s games, PlayStation 4 is not compatible with the latest console’s discs.

The PS5 disc can definitely go into a PS4, but that doesn’t mean that the game can be played or even read by the console. In fact, a PS5 disc in a PS4 will get lodged in the disc drive and will be stuck in an endless reading loop. You will not be able to use the disc, so it’s not advisable to do so.

Trying to insert PS5 discs in PS4 is strongly discouraged because it can cause irreparable damage to not only your disc but also your disc drive. You can only play PS5 games that have corresponding PS4 versions available. Even then, be careful not to insert a PS5 copy into your PS4.

Does The PS4 Read PS5 Discs?

The PlayStation 5 Disk Version (on Amazon) is fully compatible with PlayStation 4 (also on Amazon) games, and it even plays DVDs and Blu-rays. But you do this by downloading or Gamesharing the title to the PS5…not by putting your PS4 disc in.

This holds true even for the games available across the two generations. Your PS4 cannot read PS5 games, even if the same game might have a separate PS4 copy. We have more on PS5 backward compatibility here, but for now let’s keep talking about what your options are on PS4.

As a general rule of thumb, owners of PS4 should stick to their generation’s games only when it comes to physical discs. You should not attempt any funny experiment in hopes of enjoying PS5 games on the prior generation’s console, or you run the risk of stuck discs caught in a never-ending reading loop.

If you ever end up inserting PlayStation 5 disc in the PlayStation 4, the disc will get stuck in the disc drive in an infinite loop. The system will try to read and run the disc but fail each time.

At the same time, the eject button will malfunction, and your disc will remain trapped in the disc drive. This can result in permanent damage to the disc and even the disc drive itself. 

How to Get a Stuck Disk Out of your PS4

One way to forcefully eject a rammed PS5 disc from the PS4 is to unscrew the eject screw under the console manually. This screw can be used to remove any unwanted items stuck in the disc drive, but you should not depend on it for the well-being of the console. 

Even though you can remove PlayStation 5 disc stuck in your PlayStation 4 console, PSU strictly advises against inserting it in the first place. PS4 is not built to read PS5 discs, and trying it out is not worth the damage it might cause to the disc and your console. 

What PS5 Games Can You Play on the PS4? 

Even though you cannot play the PS5 games exclusively designed for the latest console on PS4, the good news is that there are many cross-generation games lined up that will be available both for PS4 and PS5. You can check out the section on compatibility in our ultimate PS5 owners guide if you’re intersted for more about the Sony/backward compatibility situation.

However, this still does not mean you can use a PS5 copy of the same game on your PS4. You can only play those games explicitly released for the PS4 console—examples of games confirmed for both generations include Watch Dogs Legion and Cyberpunk 2077.

It is also worth noting that PS4 owners will likely not be left with limited arrays of games. Even though Sony is focused on expanding the variety of games that make the most of the latest console, it is improbable that PS4 games will phase out any time soon. 

There are many more games originally and exclusively designed for PS5 that have become cross-generation than you might expect–and do note that if cost is your issue, you may be tempted to upgrade to the PS5 digital edition (on Amazon), but note that this model can’t play PS5 discs either, and you can’t add a disc drive to it later.