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How To Fix A Frozen Nintendo Switch Lite: 9 Quick Ways

The Nintendo Switch Lite is one of the best handheld game systems, with great build quality and an impressive range of titles. However, a common problem with the Switch Lite is freezing, which stops everything.

To fix a frozen Nintendo Switch Lite, start by resetting the console. Then charge the battery. If it’s still stuck, check for damage like frayed cords or dirt on the game card. Once you’ve eliminated hardware issues, try checking your internet signal, updating your console, or deleting corrupt data.

If a Switch Lite is unresponsive, you can’t access your account to download a game or even play the titles already downloaded. In addition, a frozen console won’t awaken from sleep mode, and you can’t turn the machine on or off. Let’s discuss the causes and ways to resolve them. 

Why is My Nintendo Switch Lite Unresponsive?

An unresponsive Nintendo Switch Lite (or Nintendo Switch Classic) is one of the most frustrating yet common problems gamers encounter. Some reasons behind this annoying Switch Lite problem include:

  • Dead Battery: If you haven’t used your gaming console for some time, your battery might be dead. A dead battery takes some time to charge. This doesn’t mean the gaming machine is damaged. 
  • Console Hardware Problems: If the console charges perfectly but won’t start or remains frozen, this could point to a console hardware issue. Check for damage to your console. This could look like frayed connecting cords or bent adapter pins. The damaged cables might affect the power supply and cause the Switch Lite to freeze. 
  • Dirty Game Cartridge/Slot: A clean Nintendo Switch Lite game cartridge is critical for an outstanding gaming experience. If the game card or the slot is dirty, the system won’t read the data on the card. As a result, the system freezes or crashes, and you can’t play your favorite games. 
  • Software Glitches: If a Switch Lite freezes while downloading an app or playing a downloaded game, this points to a software glitch. The corrupted data on the app or the game could cause your gaming console to become unresponsive. An incomplete update is another common cause of the Nintendo Switch Lite freezing. 
  • Internet Connection Problems: Weak internet connection is a common cause of Nintendo Switch glitches. 

And be sure to note that if your Switch Lite freezes and at any point won’t turn on, be sure to see our related guide on that.

How Do You Unfreeze a Nintendo Switch Lite?

If a Nintendo Switch Lite is unresponsive, you have several ways to fix the problem. In most cases, a frozen Switch Lite is easy to fix and doesn’t require specialized skills or tools.

Try the simplest fixes first before going for more complex solutions. Here are different ways to unfreeze a Switch Lite:

Reset the Console

Simply turning the gaming machine on and off can resolve the freezing problem. To do this, long-press the power button for about 12 seconds to turn off the console. Then, wait for a few seconds before turning it on. Finally, resetting your Switch Lite can resolve a software bug and allow you to continue playing.

Charge the Switch Lite

In the case of a dead battery, charge the Switch Lite and leave it for a few hours for the battery to recharge. Then, use the recommended USB-C cable to charge your gaming console. 

Restart the Game

If the Switch Lite freezes when playing, quit the game by pressing the home button and reopen the game again. You can also close the game by pressing X.

Confirm you want to close the game, and then press A to start the game again. Closing the game loses data you have not saved but might resolve any game software issues.

Resolve Wi-Fi Connection Issues

If you’ve tried other fixes without success, conduct an internet test to rule out connectivity issues. The optimal download speed for a Switch Lite is 3 Mbps. You might experience glitches with lower speeds, including freezing.

Check the Switch Lite Game Card

The system must read the game card’s data if you have stored games. However, if the game card or microSD card slot is dusty, the Switch Lite won’t read the game data efficiently. Remove the game card and check it for dirt or physical damage to resolve the problem. 

Clean the card with a dry microfiber cloth, an air gun, or a strong vacuum cleaner. Don’t blow into the MicroSD slots to avoid further damage to the data storage system. If the game card has dents or scratches, remove the device. One option for replacing the game is buying it digitally from the eShop.

Update the System 

A system update is an effective solution for a Nintendo Switch Lite that suffers multiple glitches. Navigate to the system settings from the home menu and check for system updates. From there you can start the downloading process if a new update is available.

Delete a Game/App

If your Nintendo Switch Lite freezes every time you play a specific game or application, this is a sign of corrupted data. To solve the problem, delete the game, then check if the Switch Lite still has a problem. Next, redownload the game or software to continue playing.  

Contact Nintendo Support 

After unsuccessfully trying the methods above to fix a frozen Nintendo Switch, your best bet is to contact Nintendo support. The team is reliable and can guide you through troubleshooting steps. The company’s customer support can also advise on repairs or replacement of your console. 

Get Professional Nintendo Repairs 

If you don’t have a warranty for a Nintendo Switch Lite, you can get professional repairs if the machine is unresponsive. A Nintendo Switch technician can diagnose the problem and recommend the best long-term fix.   

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Nintendo Switch Lite?

Nintendo Switch Lite Console Gray

Professional repairs are the best alternative if simple fixes don’t resolve a frozen Nintendo Switch Lite issue. Repairs for a blank LCD, frozen or crashed Switch Lite start at ~$100.

The repair costs can vary depending on the diagnosis for a frozen Switch Lite. Here’s a breakdown of other costs (and please note these are general prices you should expect, not exact quotes):

  • Consultation to see what the devices needs: ~$20
  • Repairing Physical Damage: ~$90-100
  • Quality OEM Parts Replacement: also ~$90-100

Professional Nintendo Switch Lite repairs come with a form of warranty for the parts and the service provided. In addition, the technicians might waive the analysis fee for a completed order, lowering the cost of repairing the frozen Switch Lite. 

Other Common Nintendo Switch Issues

If you’ve hung out on the blog, you know we have a lot of expert resources on troubleshooting your Nintendo Switch. From a power button that won’t work to a console that won’t power on at all, to a Switch that keeps crashing or is running to slow, we’ve seen it all before. Be it Nintendo Switch water damage or infinite update loops – just be sure to check here first if you have any problems, and happy gaming!